What’s the Deal with Sherlock Holmes?

Interesting analysis of Sherlock Holmes

MisAdventure Writes

I’ve been a Sherlockian since I was 10 years old.  My 6th grade Social Studies teacher, who was also my Literature teacher gave me a huge compilation of all of the original stories and novels after I’d read everything in the room and most of the library and complained that I was still bored.  That book is the only book that is always with me no matter where I might be living, even though in accordance with the age we live in I now also have a complete Sherlock Holmes collection on my phone.  And yes, I do read them.

I spent my tween years reading Vincent Starrett, and other Sherlock Holmes spinoff writers.  I read and collected volumes and volumes of critique and histories of Holmes and his creator A.C. Doyle.  I have seen almost every film involving Sherlock Holmes and own most of them. 

When the BBC announced…

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