“To Thine Own Self, Watson.”

We Watch for the Plot

Elementary delivered on “creepy,” “intriguing,” and “entertaining” in spades last week with its final sweeps episode. It started out interesting enough, with a young woman standing on a bridge, aiming a gun that was weighed down by a dumbbell at her face before pulling the trigger. It appeared to be a simple suicide, even if it was elaborately staged to look like a homicide, but it turned out that she had called the police earlier in the night to claim that a man named Lucas Bundsch was going to kill her that night. The woman, Samantha, believed Lucas had killed her sister, Allie, six years prior. Sherlock, a man of details, doesn’t take long to deduce that the young woman had killed herself in order to frame Lucas.


Lucas was still brought in for questioning, and Sherlock believed him to be innocent until he was hooked up to the polygraph…

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