General Medical Council Accused Of Witch Hunt As Dr Watson Is Struck Off


Former patients of Dr Watson angrily protesting his innocence outside the GMC offices last night.



The British Medical Association are claiming that their members are being unfairly targeted following the recent furore surrounding the posthumous striking off of Sherlock Holmes loyal companion, Dr John H Watson, from The Medical Register last week.

 Watson’s track record as a GP was examined by the General Medical Council after a number of aggrieved relatives came forward claiming that he’d been guilty of gross negligence whilst treating their forebears in the 1880s, due largely to the fact that he was constantly absent from his London surgery owing to his frequent adventures with the famous Baker Street sleuth, and that he’d often miss house calls to go wandering around bleak moorland in search of spectral hounds and would even give patients the wrong medicine after becoming preoccupied with plotting the downfall of Holmes’s arch nemesis Moriarty.


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One thought on “General Medical Council Accused Of Witch Hunt As Dr Watson Is Struck Off

  1. Thank you for reblogging my piece sir. Much appreciated, although given the subject matter of your own blog I should imagine it was a fairly elementary decision to come too 😉
    Thanks again my friend


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