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This piece recently won second place in Gemma Halliday’s Femme Fatale contest:

A Botanical Blunder:

The First Case of Sherlock Holmes

 My good friend Dr. John Watson proved to be an accurate chronicler of my later consulting detective career, but our partnership did not begin until we were both in our late twenties. As he is unable to recount the early development of my skills, I have taken this task on myself with the hopes of rounding out my biography and crediting those who so firmly created the foundation upon which all my later endeavors stemmed.

– S. Holmes

When I was thirteen years old, my mother was arrested for murder. As many a philosopher has noted, good can come from even the most disastrous incidents. Despite the horrid circumstances and the subsequent scandal, the event set me on the path I pursued for the rest of my life—for…

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  1. Hello, Dr Watson!
    Thanks for sharing a part of my Work In Progress, “A Botantical Blunder”!

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