The newest reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes on BBC TV is fascinating. Sherlock seems to fit seamlessly into 21st-century London.  Instead of Watson writing the adventures of Holmes as a written history in novel form he blogs them to a wide readership. Holme’s police associates delight in poking fun of some of Sherlock’s complete lack of simple grade school facts. Like the Earth rotating around the sun. Also of interest is Holme’s relationship with his brother. They actually treat each other as if they were still adolescents. You cannot help but to revel in their sibling rivalry. I have read a few Sherlock Holmes novels and I honestly didn’t realize Sherlock brother Mycroft happens to be in a somewhat similar field of work. That however is not the main focus of the exciting adventures. The focus is of course on Sherlock’s incredible mastery of deduction which is what he’s known for…

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