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“To Thine Own Self, Watson.”

We Watch for the Plot

Elementary delivered on “creepy,” “intriguing,” and “entertaining” in spades last week with its final sweeps episode. It started out interesting enough, with a young woman standing on a bridge, aiming a gun that was weighed down by a dumbbell at her face before pulling the trigger. It appeared to be a simple suicide, even if it was elaborately staged to look like a homicide, but it turned out that she had called the police earlier in the night to claim that a man named Lucas Bundsch was going to kill her that night. The woman, Samantha, believed Lucas had killed her sister, Allie, six years prior. Sherlock, a man of details, doesn’t take long to deduce that the young woman had killed herself in order to frame Lucas.


Lucas was still brought in for questioning, and Sherlock believed him to be innocent until he was hooked up to the polygraph…

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General Medical Council Accused Of Witch Hunt As Dr Watson Is Struck Off


Former patients of Dr Watson angrily protesting his innocence outside the GMC offices last night.



The British Medical Association are claiming that their members are being unfairly targeted following the recent furore surrounding the posthumous striking off of Sherlock Holmes loyal companion, Dr John H Watson, from The Medical Register last week.

 Watson’s track record as a GP was examined by the General Medical Council after a number of aggrieved relatives came forward claiming that he’d been guilty of gross negligence whilst treating their forebears in the 1880s, due largely to the fact that he was constantly absent from his London surgery owing to his frequent adventures with the famous Baker Street sleuth, and that he’d often miss house calls to go wandering around bleak moorland in search of spectral hounds and would even give patients the wrong medicine after becoming preoccupied with plotting the downfall of Holmes’s arch nemesis Moriarty.


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Release Parties @ TRS

This piece recently won second place in Gemma Halliday’s Femme Fatale contest:

A Botanical Blunder:

The First Case of Sherlock Holmes

 My good friend Dr. John Watson proved to be an accurate chronicler of my later consulting detective career, but our partnership did not begin until we were both in our late twenties. As he is unable to recount the early development of my skills, I have taken this task on myself with the hopes of rounding out my biography and crediting those who so firmly created the foundation upon which all my later endeavors stemmed.

– S. Holmes

When I was thirteen years old, my mother was arrested for murder. As many a philosopher has noted, good can come from even the most disastrous incidents. Despite the horrid circumstances and the subsequent scandal, the event set me on the path I pursued for the rest of my life—for…

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Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange.” Strand Magazine, by Sidney Paget 1904

Sherlock Holmes in

Sherlock Holmes in “The Adventure of the Abbey Grange.” Strand Magazine, Sidney Paget 1904

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Paul L. Poet

The newest reincarnation of Sherlock Holmes on BBC TV is fascinating. Sherlock seems to fit seamlessly into 21st-century London.  Instead of Watson writing the adventures of Holmes as a written history in novel form he blogs them to a wide readership. Holme’s police associates delight in poking fun of some of Sherlock’s complete lack of simple grade school facts. Like the Earth rotating around the sun. Also of interest is Holme’s relationship with his brother. They actually treat each other as if they were still adolescents. You cannot help but to revel in their sibling rivalry. I have read a few Sherlock Holmes novels and I honestly didn’t realize Sherlock brother Mycroft happens to be in a somewhat similar field of work. That however is not the main focus of the exciting adventures. The focus is of course on Sherlock’s incredible mastery of deduction which is what he’s known for…

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“SIDEKICKS” – In Crime Fiction

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Movie Review: The Scarlet Claw

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A must for BBC Sherlock and CBS Elementary fans [and detractors]

Mxpublishing's Blog

This week sees the launch of a must have book for all BBC Sherlock and Elementary fans. ‘The Immortals’ is a comprehensive episode by episode review of the two series by Holmes expert Matthew Elliott. His unique approach tackles each episode and links back elements to the original stories, reviews plotlines, characters and good and bad points. Matthew Elliott is one of the leading Holmes experts in the UK – regularly publishing articles and speaking at major Holmes events. In fact, he was the host for the 7th November Sherlock Holmes Society of London film evening.

So whether you are a fan of either or both series, or in fact a detractor, you will find Elliott’s analysis of the series compelling reading.

The Immortals: An Unauthorized guide to Sherlock and Elementary is available from all good bookstores including   Amazon USAAmazon UKWaterstones UK, and for…

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An Idiot’s Opinions: Elementary Season 1 Closer

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Sherlock S1

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