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Nice reviews of some of Sherlock’s adventures


from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by A. Conan Doyle (1892)

*Note: These are just brief sketches of the short stories so that I can remember what each story is about and what I thought of it.  Beware: here may be spoilers!

“The Man with the Twisted Lip”

This story is about the search for a man named Neville St. Clair.  One of the things I really liked about this story was the way it started—Watson has just returned home to his wife after a long day at work when a woman knocks on his door.  She entreats Watson to find her husband who has been missing for two days, and she suspects that he has spent the time in an opium den.  Watson dutifully goes to find the man and send him home to his wife, and while in the opium den he encounters Sherlock Holmes, dressed in disguise. …

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You will never believe what awesome thing happened to me yesterday! We had gone to Roots Market, you see, and we were finishing up our trip in a pawnshop type place. I was getting bored, actually, and I was thinking of trying to round up the rest of the family so we might leave. Then my eyes were caught by the records. I don’t even have a record player, but I love records anyway, so I began to check them out – never guessing what glorious thing I would find betwixt odd albums of old bands and Elvis. I was about a third through when I nearly fell over in exhilarated shock. This is what I saw.

I felt my heart jump and I literally wavered at the sight of this! I bought this needless to say! I am sooooooo happy! I can’t wait till I go somewhere that has…

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In the Dark

A few days ago an article appeared on the BBC website that discussed the enduring appeal of Sherlock Holmes and related this to the processes involved in solving puzzles. That piece makes a number of points I’ve made before, so I thought I’d update and recycle my previous post on that theme. The main reason for doing so is that it gives me yet another chance to pay homage to the brilliant Jeremy Brett who, in my opinion, is unsurpassed in the role of Sherlock Holmes. It also allows me to return to a philosophical theme I visited earlier this week.

One of the  things that fascinates me about detective stories (of which I am an avid reader) is how often they use the word “deduction” to describe the logical methods involved in solving a crime. As a matter of fact, what Holmes generally uses is not really deduction…

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