Plausible script deductions in the Sherlock TV Series …


When I watch “The Great Game” ( the 3rd episode of the Sherlock TV series) There is one mistake that always leaps out at me. In the Carl Powers case, in hour 3, Sherlock yells out ClostridiumBotulinum as if he has just identified the cause and an image of bacteria is flashed on the screen.

When I saw that the first time I said, “yeah right!” because I’ve been a microbiologist, and I know that you can’t look into a light microscope and see a colorized electron microscope image of a bacteria.

What’s worse is that I’ve seen that exact image before. It’s this one.

Even if Sherlock did happen to own an electron microscope that he kept in his kitchen,( yeah right,) bacteria don’t wear name tags, and one bacillus bacteria looks pretty much the same as any other bacillus so you couldn’t tell the harmful Clostridium

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  1. So my predictions were.
    He stayed with Molly.
    Mycroft knew, but not at first
    John is surprised, but then forgives and moves back in.

    Looks like almost all of these will be wrong.

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